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We advise on your risks and the best insurance solutions to protect your firm, including key objectives and desired outcomes with the selection criteria to drive negotiations.


We pride ourselves on playing an active role in protecting and expanding your business.
We enjoy working with buyers, sellers, investors and others to expand operations and open new markets in Union Europe and, in Armenia Georgia Bulgaria Cyprus Luxembourg helping our clients build a solid infrastructure, transact deals that help them grow and ensure they’re doing it in a way that meets regulations and makes sense.

Legal assistance in real estate and movable trusts with deed trust and will of settlor, executive programme for the trustee in favour of the beneficiary under control (protector), transactional and security trusts, tax implications management and final dissolution, contract of trust and restriction of destination pursuant to national law.

Legal assistance on acquisition of shares in companies, planning, economic-financial structuring and operations of generational transition with family pact, holding companies, trusts.

Legal assistance in real estate transactions even in the form of asset deals or share deals and greenfield and brownfield development plans, due diligence of preliminary and diligence from preliminary to final contracts, taxation real estate, urban planning with the public administration, consultancy in design and issuance of planning permission, property and asset management activities.

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