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Member of the International Association of Lawyers in Paris and active in corporate and financial law with integrated assistance services also in application of the regulatory modularity of structured finance.


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Gioviale & Partners in Ukraine

EU-Ukraine synergy drives aviation industry forward
the aviation industry and the project "Stimulating Ukraine-EU aeronautics research
cooperation" has achieved the goal of new partnerships between both

To achieve its objectives, the project has mapped the
map the existing potential for collaboration between the EU and Ukraine,
highlighting opportunities and disseminating results to relevant stakeholders.
important stakeholders and boosted participation in EU projects of the
Seventh Framework Programme (FP7) projects by identifying more than 50 Ukrainian aviation
companies in Ukrainian aviation research,

The AERO-UKRAINE project has helped ensure regulatory
regulatory convergence in fields such as aviation safety, aviation defence
defence, environmental protection and industrial cooperation.

As a result of these efforts, Ukraine's fundamental and beneficial role
of Ukraine in the European aviation sector is ensured. These new
synergies will bring great benefits to the aviation sector and the
related industries in both the EU and Ukraine.

Gioviale & Partners
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London is the world's most long-standing and important financial arena and is distinguished by its extreme attention to legal parameters, making it the most suitable landing place for real corporate expansion projects.
We collaborate with one of the most specialised English corporate and financial consultancies in terms of prestige and rating-firm.


Cyprus as a member of the EU is the most important financial bridge with the Republic of Israel.Our firm has a well-established and decade-long relationship with Joseph Kokkinos & Co. which is characterised as the most historical and solid corporate and financial advisory firm on the island.


Legal services for companies operating in the high-tech aerospace sector, carrying out design, production, research and services in the civil and military aerospace and related electronic systems sectors, focusing on implementation activities for research and innovation with particular attention to procedural, technical and contractual regulations.

Gioviale & Partners

... for twenty years in effective relationship
with the entrepreneurial and industrial fabric to which, as a result of geopolitical changes, we systematically provide
knowledge of the applicable regulatory instruments and we are characterised by the quality of our services, also with the support of professional excellences.

We are characterised by the quality of our services, also with the support of professional excellence, and with absolute attention to the evolution of the legal and regulatory system.

Structured Finance

Our mission is to be involved in the dynamics of structured finance with its vast range of financial operations, which are based on an alternative architecture to the traditional one with the precise objective of creating a different form of liquidity supply, also benefiting from forms of risk-sharing by pre-verifying the road map for concretising financing aimed at the realisation of projects that require highly specialised skills for those companies with complex financing needs that cannot normally be resolved with conventional financing.



... small, innovative, present on the scene ... SMEs are the hard core of Italian industry and are the protagonists of product and process innovation that is often applied directly on the line and that escapes even statistical surveys ... and our legal services that increase the expressive power of the individual company in the challenges of change with a precise focus on sustainability ... internationalisation ... technological evolution ... ... product transformation, with targeted support for corporate culture and how to manage business in the light of potential social and ethical impact.


Water Futures

... indispensable ... irreplaceable ... increasingly scarce ... water is the most precious commodity and just like gold or oil it has a market quotation, influenced by the laws of supply and demand ... the Cme Group in collaboration with Nasdaq has started the creation of the first water future in the world ... and on the structuring of the water future we have the right expertize.


How We Are

... passion ... power ... skill ... elements that drive our profession and we strongly feel that we can be the right people to handle the toughest challenges with an outstanding relationship skills and "skill knowledgment expertises" ...... excellent track record in the United Kingdom, Cyprus, Bulgaria, Georgia, Serbia and Ukraine ...... we assess all potential critical points by assuming all the pathways to be tackled, understanding the potential routes to be taken, understanding the possible risks before even understanding the eventual risks even before taking the steps to support them so that we can be sure that we will achieve our objective ...

knowing how to climb well:

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